Adrianne Lenker (Big Thief) anuncia dos álbumes y presenta nuevos temas

La líder de Big Thief grabó dos álbumes acústicos en abril

El 2019 fue muy productivo para los norteamericanos de Big Thief, quienes conquistaron a la crítica dos veces en el año con sus álbumes ‘U.F.O.F.’ y ‘Two Hands’. Sin embargo, los planes de tour con estos materiales se vieron interrumpidos por el confinamiento.

Esto no ha sido impedimento para que Adrianne Lenker, vocalista y compositora principal de la banda, siga haciendo música. La prueba de ello es el anuncio de no uno, sino dos álbumes en solitario titulados ‘songs’ e ‘instrumentals’, los cuales fueron grabados en abril, y saldrán a la venta el próximo 23 de octubre vía 4AD.

Como introducción a ‘songs’, Lenker ha compartido dos de los nueve temas que conforman la placa. El primero es la bellísima “anything”, estrenada el 2 de septiembre, y el segundo extracto es “dragon eyes”, publicada este día.

Escuchen ambos temas a continuación.


“dragon eyes”

El tracklist de ambos materiales queda conformado de la siguiente manera.


  1. two reverse
  2. ingydar
  3. anything
  4. forwards beckon rebound
  5. heavy focus
  6. half return
  7. come
  8. zombie girl
  9. not a lot, just forever
  10. dragon eyes
  11. my angel


  1. music for indigo
  2. mostly chimes

La portada es una pintura en acuarela creada por la abuela de Adrianne Lenker.

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Hello Friends, After the @bigthiefmusic tour was canceled in early March, I drove up to Western Massachusetts, where I was very gratefully able to stay in a small cabin in the Berkshire Mountains just down the trail from my sister. I felt inspired by the way my acoustic guitar sounded in the cabin and wanted to capture the sound. My friend @ithinkimphil drove up in April and we spent the next month recording. I had a handful of songs that I had been planning to start with, but by the time Phil arrived I was very heartsick and new songs surfaced unexpectedly. There are two records; they are connected but meant to offer separate experiences. One is called ‘songs', nine of which were written freshly during the recording session, and the other record is called ‘instrumentals’– which emerged from beginning and closing each day with improvised acoustic guitar. I’d like to think that at any time you need or want, you can put on ‘instrumentals’ and have the sensation like a friend is playing guitar to you softly in the room. I am very proud of these recordings, though they were born in a time of grief, both personal and as a collective species. It feels strange to try and pair words with the release of music. I don’t know if there is a graceful way to do it in these times. Please, if this is something that you feel you won’t benefit from, just let it pass away. If you could use some support in the form of songs, give it a spin. These songs have helped me heal. I hope that at least in some small way this music can be a friend to you. My grandmother, Dianne Lee, painted this beautiful watercolor piece for the album cover and back. Thanks Mema <3 Please continue to advocate for equality in all communities, protest, vote, self-educate, pay attention to and speak up against the injustices that BIPOC face, and spread kindness to the people around you. Thank you for working to create a brighter world. Adrianne Listen to the new single ‘anything’ and pre-order ‘songs’ and ‘instrumentals’ at the link in my bio.

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